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Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or an aspiring one, let’s bust this myth up front: you have to have the latest, greatest, and most expensive camera equipment to produce amazing images. IT’S NOT THE TRUTH! While quality of your equipment plays a small role in the final images you’ll produce, it’s not everything. After years […]

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What’s In My Camera Bag

I had SUCH a great response from yesterday’s post of 5 tips to taking better iPhone photos that I just knew I had to give you all a little more! 1 MAJOR tip to taking better iPad photos! Something I come across often shooting weddings and traveling is seeing a lot of people using their […]

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1 Tip to Take Better iPad Photos

It’s no secret that living in the digital age photos are apart of our daily, if not hourly lives. A recent study showed that every day, we’re uploading over 200 million photos to Facebook…I’m sorry, what?! So it’s safe to say we could all use 5 Tips to Take Better iPhone Photos! Keep reading to […]

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5 Tips to Take Better iPhone Photos

I think it’s so vital as business owners and overall humans to constantly feed ourselves encouraging, positive things! This world is full (as is social media) of negative, discouraging, comparison, and all the ugly. If we’re only counting on social media feeds to inspire us, we’re going to burn out. Like yesterday. It’s important to me to never lose sight of who I am and what I believe in while running my business, so I strive to insure I’m putting in positive things, to put out positive things. 

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