When Bre’s email full of her love for her fiancé, pups, and life hit my inbox…I just knew I was going to be head over heels for these two!
Their sweet proposal was featured on How He Asked and I couldn’t help but LOVE what Will had to say about how they met…
“I met Breana in high school, all thanks to twitter. I saw that we were going on the same mission trip, and she was really cute so I really wanted to talk to her. I direct messaged her on twitter because I was too nervous to talk to her – I was intimidated by how pretty she was!! We got to talking online and decided to hang out on the mission trip. However, on the trip, even the times I was standing right next to her, I was too nervous!! The whole week went by and we never had a conversation. Right when we got back from the mission trip, I DM’d her again. I said how sorry I was that I didn’t talk to her and that I really wanted to hang out. We ended up going on a double date with some friends to a movie. I was obviously still nervous, so when we got into the movie I didn’t even sit by her – I sat by her friend instead! She then said, “are you kidding me??” And so I went over and sat next to her. I still never talked to her and was still really nervous around her.
I asked for one more chance to get to know her and we decided to go fishing together. It was a great date and we loved getting to know each other. At the end of the date I was putting another worm on her hook and when I cast back, instead of casting forward and casting into the lake, the worm had gone into her mouth. She starts screaming and I thought I had hooked her, but it turns out I had just cast the worm into her mouth. And somehow, 4 years later she still loves being with me….”
I’m SUPER excited to be returning to the White Sparrow this August for their sweet, Texas wedding! I had the opportunity to photograph Sarah + Nate’s wedding there in 2016, so I’m excited to venture back down & capture another gorgeous wedding.
These two are effortlessly wonderful and I am so grateful to be on this journey with them!
Here’s to Will + Bre’s romantic spring engagement session!!! I’m OBSESSED!

Romantic Spring Engagement Session | Will + Bre

April 20, 2018






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