April 17, 2018

Joyful Spring Wedding at The Springs | Reid + Meagan


I left Meagan & Reid’s engagement session trying to figure out how I could make time go faster so their wedding would arrive. Meagan & Reid are two kind, joyful, goofy, and amazing people! Apart, they’re great, but together, they’re even better!!! You’re bound to keep a smile on, quote Friends (or The Office in Reid’s case), and laugh until your cheeks hurt.
It’s no surprise that everything I learned about them together, was more than true when you put all their family and dear friends in one big room together.
Meagan & Reid got married on a chilly, rainy, WINDY day in April…but, as we said during our portrait time, you can’t beat these memories!!!
So often, it’s a stress point to brides about how the day will turn out. If it will be the perfect plans you desired to create, if the lighting will be just right, will the flowers fall into place, will your hair stay tucked the right way…but, the reality is, we aren’t in control of the little details, BUT we are in control of how we choose to spend our day. Meagan & Reid chose to love, to laugh through the crazy weather, to jump up & down when they left the aisle as Mr. & Mrs. Schatzman, and to enjoy margaritas & queso while busting their best moves on the dance floor with their favorite people.
Marriage is not an event we plan, it’s a lifestyle we walk. Wedding days aren’t designed to be PERFECT, they’re designed to be memorable, unique, & meaningful – a foundation that we lay for the lifetime ahead of us.
Meagan & Reid had a timeless, colorful, classic and absolutely beautiful day at The Springs in Tulsa and I am BLESSED to have played a small part in it.
So much love for these two!!!!!



VIDEOGRAPHY | Redeemed Productions

VENUE | The Springs

FLORAL DESIGN | Poppy Lane Design

CAKE | Frostens

CATERING | Just Catering by Orr



FAVORS | Sweet Daddy Corn

DRESS | Bridal Elegance


SIGNAGE | Size Love Lettering Co


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