From the moment Mary-Kate first hit my inbox with her sweet, excited message, I just knew she was going to be a bride I would adore. She was heartfelt, excited, and such a lovable person! It’s no surprise that after meeting all of her family and dear friends, that this girl came from wholehearted people and attracts them as well.

Mary-Kate + Marcus’ wedding day was full of heartfelt details, spring tones, and although the day started a stormy, rainy mess…it ended with glowing sunshine and a blue sky during the ceremony!!! WHAT!

My heart was touched in so many ways on this day; the sweet bridesmaids, the amazing help, the sweet groomsmen, loving family, and so much more.

I could go on and on, but really check out all of these images that are some of my FAVORITES from the day of!!! Meanwhile, Mary-Kate and Marcus are on the beach enjoying sunshine and waves…surely they’re enjoying newlywed life!

Y’all. These bridesmaids are some of the BEST girls I’ve ever had the chance to hang with on a wedding day. Take a look at how excited they were for Mary-Kate when they saw her in her dress…THEIR HEARTS ARE SO BIG I CAN’T TAKE IT!

Mary-Kate told me ahead of time how much I would love her Mamaw, Mary Lou. Right before I was heading out of the room Mary-Kate said, “hey, will you get a photo of my grandma seeing me for the first time?” HECK YES, DUH, ABSOLUTELY, OF COURSE. I don’t think I could’ve prepared myself for just how precious this moment was truly going to be. Tears quickly filled my eyes, as I could see both of my grandma’s within her and felt the joy and love that Mary-Kate was feeling to have her on this big day. Insert me being a pile of mush behind the camera here.

 The heartfelt moments didn’t stop there. Mary-Kate did however have one grandmother who wasn’t able to make it to the wedding day, so to honor her, she brought along a quilt hand made by her grandmother and wanted a photo wrapped up in it. She also carried her broach on her bouquet. Ughhhh Mary-Kate, I’m not made of steel over here!!!

The bench on the left was used as their “guest book”. It’s a handmade bench by Mary-Kate’s grandpa. Such a precious item to have years after the wedding! I love this idea!   Can I just have an album of Mary-Kate and Mary Lou?! They’re my favorites.   Marcus is an Oklahoma Trooper – I just loved his grooms cake!!! SO cute!   THAT GLOW!!!! I can’t believe it was storming just hours before this!   This. Is. Gold. Hahahahaha NO they didn’t have these on their wedding day, this was an in the moment, I’m gonna photoshop this later, kind of event y’all.   Again with these two…MY FAVS!   One of my favorite things that happens on a wedding day is grabbing a photo with the beloved couple! At the end of portrait time, I was able to snag a photo with them and I cheesed real hard for this one…but they make me so happy! 


Relaxed Spring Wedding at Rick’s Place | Mary-Kate + Marcus

March 22, 2018






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