I am beyond thrilled to launch this thing. If you all could hop inside my mind for 10 minutes, it might really stress you out! A lot of you might wonder why this matters or why it’s worth making a big fuss over…but, in all reality this is a peace thing for me.

I attended school for web & graphic design (some may not know) and this has been a blessing and a CURSE! It’s a blessing for obvious reasons like knowing how to navigate, build, and create products, websites, etc. But, it has been a curse in the sense that I’m ALWAYS building the next best thing in my brain and envisioning how I could create this thing.

You may have thought there were no issues with my last site, however, being a pro at my own worst critic…there were PLENTY! 

My list of reasoning was:

  • not clear of who I am/what I represent
  • not enough showcase of my work and what I really do
  • not easy for clients to find ALL the information they need in one place; lots of moving around to be done
  • desiring a place for wedding clients AND seniors to find information, view images and THEN inquire – thus resulting in my ideal and exact client to be in my lane

And on, and on, and on.

These were crucial to me! I NEEDED clients to see that working with me was NOT a foggy, confusing mess. One thing I hear from each client is how simple and laid out my process working with them was, but if it wasn’t clear from a first impression of a website – this is a red flag to me.

This year has produced a lot of growth, fruit and serious pruning seasons. I wanted something that was a representation of all of those things. 

This site is broken down piece by piece to have heart, be refreshing and informative. JUST like the seasons I’ve experienced myself.

I chose to do giveaways leading up because I wanted to GIVE BACK to all of the people who have given so much to me; their time, their money and their personal hearts.

As this wedding season has come to an end and I wrap up the final sessions of 2016, I can honestly say I’m grateful, refreshed and new.

I wanted to launch something new months ago, but it didn’t feel right. Sometimes better things come from staying in the dirt just a little bit longer and tending more to your main priorities; like my family, my immediate clients and my current work load.

I’m a dreamer and a doer, but a goal of 2017 I can already tell you, is to be more of a doer or those dreams I dream.

Thank you for your support and encouragement!!! I am so grateful!!!



Holly Felts Launch: The What & Why of Fresh Starts

November 18, 2016






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