Y’all, I don’t know what is happening except for the fact I KEEP GETTING THE BEST CLIENTS EVER! As soon as I skyped Taylor, I KNEW she was going to be one of my favorite #hollyfeltsbride I had ever had. We connected through our love of puppies, queso & the fact that we’ve both tackled long distance relationships. Taylor is nothing but giddy of her dapper man & their love is so unique and refreshing! A little about how they met…

Taylor took the opportunity to introduce herself when she saw him talking to a friend of hers.  However, they had to wait ALL through Christmas break to see each other again!!! On their first week back to their college group after break was over, they were each searching the crowd for the other.  They would talk after service the weeks following and Sam FINALLY asked Taylor to coffee the day after Valentines Day! SO SWEET.  The conversation was easy and fun and they both instantly knew there could be something there.  They dated through their last two years of college at the University of New Mexico. A few weeks after graduation Sam proposed to Taylor on the stage of the church they met!!! Ahhh!! Since then, Taylor & Sam adopted a white lab puppy named Sadie, Sam has moved to Norman, Oklahoma where he is getting a dual masters in exercise physiology and health promotion (here’s to hoping this groom convinces me to get into shape and actually put the donuts down). SOON, Taylor will make the move to Oklahoma and I can’t wait!!! And I’m sure Sam can’t either 😉 

SO as you can tell, I’m head over heels for Taylor & Sam – seriously their wedding cannot come fast enough!!! HELLLO where are you May of 2017!?!



Taylor & Sam | Engaged – Tulsa, Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

November 1, 2016






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