Must I start every blog post with, “man I’ve really got to get back to blogging…” But, hey! Things have been quite busy over here and if you’ve noticed they’re a bit different. I’ve launched, photographed a few weddings and portrait sessions, and of course be a wife and all of the other life things I do!

So, it’s been a bit quiet on this end, but I’m so excited to share more and more as the days come!

I decided kicking things off with Casey & Josh Firey’s cozy winter wedding was a good place to begin. These two make me smile. So. Big. Just gathering these images for the post I smiled so many times! 

Their wedding took place in the end of December at the wonderful Camp Loughridge (which I’m so excited to shoot again there this fall!)

In true Oklahoma fashion, the weather took its role as crazy unpredictable and it rained, with a little mixture of sleet and whatever else the OK skies could through at us. BUT, the day was so bright and beautiful!

These two are seriously some of the happiest people I’ve ever met! Their love is so sweet and pure, just as they each are individually! Casey & Josh are those people that are so awesome apart, but even greater together. 

Casey spent the morning getting ready with her best gals and happy dancing (LITERALLY) all over the place! Her joy was contagious and I couldn’t wait to watch her wed! 

Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Firey for letting me be a part of your WONDERFUL wedding day! It was one for the books and I am blessed to know you two!!! 



Casey & Josh | Married – Tulsa, Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

April 13, 2016






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