Consuming ALL the queso in T-town since ’94.

Hi there! I’m Holly! A small-town photographer living in Tulsa, OK. I have a husband who makes me laugh REALLY hard, a dog who often makes me chase her because she’s an escape artist, and I’m really passionate about people!

Most days you can find me with a cup of coffee, a stack of good books (that I rarely finish because I start 3 new ones a day), and most definitely eating Mexican food.

I’m obsessed with love stories and I think you should hear part of mine!


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I approach every wedding day with the idea in mind that this is YOUR ONE DAY. The one day that your make-up is absolute perfection, the flowers smell better than the freshly picked Saturday Farmer’s Market bunch, a tux wasn’t even prepared to look THAT good with your groom in it and oh my word, cake has never been so sweet…but on the flip-side, I think about how this could be Grandma’s last year, how your father hasn’t held you this tight since the day he first met you, how at any given moment THIS moment could fade and all you will be left with is what I’m capturing in my camera. I don’t take wedding days lightly. I cry at every wedding, I get attached, I WILL hug your mom before I leave the wedding. This is more than just a business, this is a life changing day for the two of you and you deserve someone who loves and cherishes your moments, not just Uncle Tom who has a “professional” camera. Your photos will be cherished, your laughs will be frozen in time and your dance moves captured in a way your grandchildren WILL laugh at you in 50 years for.

Sure, your wedding day matters…but your story and how it is captured matters more.

Meet Holly

December 4, 2017