For Photographers

I wouldn’t have gotten very far had it not been for the great photographers who I invested in to learn, grow, and excel at photography. Pinterest can only get you so far, it’s time to invest in what you value! I believe wholeheartedly in sharing it all; we’re all in this together! I want to help you grow and make your big dreams HAPPEN!


Let’s keep it short, sweet, and impactful. Like a tall shot of espresso. 

This is a one hour 1-on-1 session at a local coffee shop in Tulsa OR via Skype to discuss…

  • defining your vision
  • equipment; what’s in my bag
  • shooting in manual basics
  • how to gain clients
  • business basics
  • Q+A



Double-whip, no soy, two pumps…this is a creation you can call some shots on!

Within this option, we will dig deep to uncover that ONE THING holding you back! 

  • All Items Listed in TALL
    • defining your vision
    • equipment; what’s in my bag
    • how to gain clients
    • business basics
  • Personalized Choice of Two Target Discussions (lighting, posing, shooting in manual, client experience, etc.)
  • Professional Headshots
  • Q+A



Big cups to match big dreams. Let’s get serious and make things happen!

This is a full day intensive. We will start the morning with coffee (of course) have a session, head-shots, and more!

  • Mastering Your Client’s In-Person Experience
  • Posing Hacks
  • Natural Lighting
  • Training & Portfolio Building Shoot: (1 Hour)
  • Editing/Workflow
  • Marketing
  • Creating Community Within Your Business
  • The Business of Blogging
  • Branding
  • Professional Headshots
  • Office Organization
  • Website Reviews & Critiques
  • Q+A


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December 4, 2017