How many photos on your phone’s camera roll right now?

No really, take a moment to check…are you ready for my number? 16,813.

Oh. My. Goodness. 

You can count on at least half of those being of our sweet EIGHT MONTH OLD GIRL 🥺 (how on earth do I have an eight month old?)

No matter your number, I can guarantee there’s no way you or I even half a third of those printed. 

We’re just taking photos more & more to…leave them on our phone and hope we don’t lose them?


As I was journaling at the end of 2020, I realized that all that keeps me from moving forward in ANY area of my life is planning & self-discipline. 

Think about it…

Our diets, sleep habits, relationships, and even our photos…could all move forward in a positive direction with a little planning & self-discipline! 

I won’t dive into health today…because honestly I’m having cheese & crackers while I write this. Better luck tomorrow I suppose 🥴😂

I’m here to help you print your photos in an easy, affordable way! 

When I found out I was pregnant with Everly, I knew right away I wanted to have photos around the house. I am a photographer afterall, but before I was a photographer I was a little girl.

A little girl who frequently was in trouble for going through old photographs, stealing them, and cutting them up to create my own scrapbook/album of photos! 

Sorry mom & dad…but look at me now! 😂

One of my favorite things about growing up was looking through old photographs or admiring the many family photos my mom decorated with around our house. 

Let’s start by saying if your mindset is you don’t have time to print your photos…let’s remember that just a few years back you had to PURCHASE  disposable camera, take the photos, take the camera to the store, & then PICK UP your photos after they were developed.

Friends, we’ve got time to develop our tangible memories! Besides, the fact that you’re reading this right now shows me you can print your photos with my simple method! Gotcha 🤪

If you’re looking for a way to create beautiful, cohesive photo albums, I really recommend using my mobile presets so your albums look even more elevated! You can purchase my mobile presets and start using them on everyday photos by CLICKING HERE! These presets are for everyone; mamas, business owners, grandmas, aunts, uncles, your neighbor, you get it.

Use the code PRETTYPHOTOS at the time of checkout for a special discount just for reading this blog!


    • Currently, I’m printing one monthly album leading up to Everly’s 12 month mark. This means I have to do my part of keeping the photos together to make it even easier to print them! 
    • Go to your photo album, select the appropriate images, & move them all into a labeled album. I currently keep mine in 1 month, 2 month, 3 month, etc. 
    • iPhones make this RIDICULOUSLY EASY by being able to view photos by year, month, location, etc. 

    • Personally, we’re using Chatbooks! (if you decide to use Chatbooks, be sure to use THIS LINK to get $10 off your first album) They have an easy to use App I have downloaded onto my phone. I can create drafts and work on the books in spurts of time! It also saves my orders so I could go back & duplicate an album or order it again if I needed to.
    • I can select ALL photos straight from the created album on my iPhone and import straight to the app. I can close out while these load, so I don’t have to sit & watch 90 photos upload!
    • Artifact Uprising is another GREAT company to order from that offers a mobile app.

    • The easy part about Chatbooks, is you can select the same layout to apply to your entire book! So say you didn’t want to take the time to write captions, create collage pages, etc…you could simply upload all photos, select “full pages” on the design and then just order!
    • Here’s the exact info on our monthly albums if you like the look of ours:
      • Standard Photo Book
      • 8×8, Hardcover
      • White Spine
      • Book Title: “Everly – Month NUMBER”
      • Show Title on Spine = ON
      • Show Date Range on Spine = OFF
  4. ORDER 🎉 

Four simple steps to get your photos out of your phone and into your home! JUST. LIKE. THAT. 

If you decide to use Chatbooks, don’t forget to USE THIS LINK to save yourself $10 off your first order! Standard photo books like I order start at $10 and go up depending on your selections and page count.

Once you’re printing and designing your albums, be sure to tag me on Instagram @hollyfeltsphoto so I can see your beautiful prints and share your posts with others to show YOU CAN DO THIS!

Print your photos because

your memories are worth it. 

Four Simple Steps to Get Your Photos Out of Your Phone and Into Your Home

January 15, 2021






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