Today I had my last day at my office job.
Putting in my notice was one of the most nerve wracking things…it was getting real.
It was time.
From a young age I wanted something. Something that was bigger than me, that made a difference, that connected me with others, took me around the world…but, that wasn’t a real job right?
I wrote papers about how I thought I would be a life coach, maybe a teacher, maybe something…something I didn’t know.
For my parents who always encouraged me to be whatever I wanted, they put a camera in my hand. They encouraged me to capture my friends, capture field trips. To take the photos, because they would mean so much more later…and all those years later, I don’t think we all realize just how much those photos mean.
I never knew I would stand here today.
Of course I wanted to. I hoped to. But, it seemed like it was always just half an inch out of reach. Like when you reach on your tippy-toes for that box of cereal and with just ONE EXTRA umph you could reach it…but alas, you shoved it farther back in the cabinet.
That’s how I felt.
But man, I wasn’t going to give up.
For a moment, I want to speak to the dreamers. The discouraged, yet determined dreamers.
You’re not any less of a successful entrepreneur for working another job while you run your business. 
You’re not less successful, less ambitious, less of anything.
You’re amazing. You’re working hard. You’re doing your part. You’re doing what’s necessary. You’re important. Your business is important. It WILL all be worth it. It is worth it.
Today, I did a little digging into my journey of photography and couldn’t help but smile and feel God’s presence all around. I shared with my friends that I couldn’t wait for volleyball season to be over so I could book some sessions. To not give up. Oh high-school Hol, you didn’t even know you were speaking to your twenty-something self.
If I could take 16 year old Holly to lunch, here’s what I would say:

It’s not going to be easy. You’re going to want to give up. You’re going to experience loss. You’re going to experience people not being there for you. You’re going to face rejection, disappointment, trial after trial. You’re going to get told NO. You’re going to get passed by.

She would have already cried and said no thank you, but I wouldn’t stop there.

I would go on to tell her to get ready. Get ready because you’re going to be a nationally published & recognized photographer. You’re going to see your photos in magazines. People who live on the other side of the country are going to fly you out to photograph their events, brides will call you from states away just to have you there with a camera in hand. You will get flown to other countries to capture the love of Jesus in little children. You’re going to make a living doing what you love because you stayed through all the let downs, all the pass bys, and all the nos. You’re going to do great things little girl. You’re doing them now.

I’ve never took the time to realize what God is doing in my life. To name them out and actually say, “wow” to what he’s brought me through thus far. But today, that changes.

Today, I’m celebrating. Because after all these years…I’M A FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER! It’s here!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to every friend, family member, client, and online follower who has ever encouraged me, shared my name with others, or hired me to photograph you. YOU are what my heart beats for. I’m so grateful and I feel so small in the overwhelming amount of love that fills my life. I can’t wipe this smile off my face or stop the tears from flowing, but man…God is just THAT good.
If He did it for me, He will do it for you.
I promise. I’m living it.
Here’s to a new year, new season, and new celebration!


The Journey to Today

January 31, 2019






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