It’s crazy to think that this whole photography thing started with this gal in front of my camera. Back when swapping out lenses and worrying about business insurance wasn’t a thing. Back when searching the internet for free photo editing software was how I got by. Back when I wasn’t too worried about keeping books, didn’t think this thing could take off…there was my camera and Han!

We’ve been friends since 2008…back in the good ole’ days of middle school. Where blue eye shadow still wasn’t cool, but we we wore it anyways (fun fact: we blended ours with pink and called it cotton candy eyes. AND thought it was great.) So to fast forward and be sharing HANNAH’S WEDDING on my blog…to see all that’s happened since we first became awkward little 8th grade friends…it brings tears to my eyes.

It all started at a fireworks stand. Hannah and James. And that makes me smile, especially for when you see the end of these photos!!! 😉

My heart is happy because Hannah’s heart is happy. James makes her giddy and they shared an intimate wedding day full of sunshine!!! What more could you ask for?!

I could write an actual novel, but as always, I’ll let you scroll through their wedding photos…they speak better than I can 😉

Intimate Summer Wedding at Reach Church | James + Hannah

September 26, 2018






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