Goal setting is a popular topic and with all new years, we all have goals in mind and shoot for the stars…and then we land back on earth…in the mud.

It’s not that we have bad goals or irrelevant goals…it’s that we aren’t breaking these goals down into simple everyday steps making it realistic, reachable, and meaningful.

My goal with goal-setting (hehe) has changed a lot over the years and not just because I’ve changed.

I now focus on what is going to impact me as a person, as a wife, friend, business owner, believer, and so on. I think of every area of my life and pinpoint down to what matters.

I put a fun little poll out on my Instagram asking if anyone would like to peek into my goals on a monthly basis and the response was an overwhelming YES! So here we go!

January Goals

Monthly Goals:

  • Clean out my closet: sell, donate, trash
    • I DID clean out my closet, but I didn’t make it to the sell, donate, trash. I have separated these clothes out and will plan on using February to do this!
  • Give to ONE
    • This is a special couples goal that Micah and I have made together. We intentionally put a list together of 12 people we’d like to give back to throughout the year. This one was completed, yay!
  • Read 1st book + chat with book club
  • Mail 2018 welcome gifts to new brides
    • CHECK! I got to welcome 5 new 2018 brides to the #hollyfeltsbride family and I’m SO excited for all this year has to hold! If you (or someone you know) is engaged, send them my way! I’m taking just a few more 2018 spots and will be in lots of travel spots this year!


Weekly Goals:

  • Exercise 5 days
    • Okay, so grace. I have a good friend I workout with and we were going strong for about 7 1/2 weeks, but then the holiday’s, colds, new year, etc. got in the way. So this didn’t quite get accomplished, BUT we did start back at the gym this week – that’s progress and that’s SO important.
  • Blog
    • Again, grace and progress y’all. I blogged more than I did in the past year in January, so that’s a hard win.

Daily Goals:

  • Read Bible plan
    • 2018 is the year I challenge myself to reading the whole Bible! This has already proved tough, BUT it’s been fruitful already!
  • Count calories

All in all, January was a GREAT month! I’m even more excited to look ahead on February (and get THAT much closer to wedding season) so here’s a look into what I’ve got planned for February!


February Goals

Monthly Goals:

  • Create, Plan, + Photograph Styled Shoot
    • I’m working alongside Ever Something, Dream Point Ranch, and a few others to dream up something wonderful and you’ll be seeing more of that later this month!
  • Order updated branding packaging
  • Call, schedule, + take Zoe to the groomer
    • #DogMom
  • Plan a date night + ENJOY it!
    • Micah and I have a new budget in place that has us home more often (which as a homebody, I LOVE) but that’s caused date night to be more of a treat. This month we’ll take a night for ourselves and I can’t wait!
  • Read 2nd book + chat with book club
  • Send camera lens off to repair
    • BOO, but yay because I can get it fixed 😀

Weekly Goals:

  • Bookkeeping + Mileage
    • REALLY trying hard to stay on top of my books this year! I use QuickBooks Self-Employed which tracks my expenses AND automatically tracks + records my mileage for me on my phone. All I have to do is swipe for personal or business – PRAISE DA LORD!
  • Money into savings
    • Another couples goal here: we’ve got to buy a car soon, so we’re saving up as much cash as possible! Holler atcha debt free life.
  • Blog
    • I’ve got a fun line up for my Ask Anything series – so if there’s anything YOU could ask me, comment below and I may write a blog post about it!
  • Credit card paid off
    • As I said, holler atcha debt free life, but also gimmie does airline miles! Micah and I operate off a Southwest card to gain miles and use it to pay our bills! If you’re smart with a card, you should definitely look into this one! Click here to get bonus points (miles) when you sign up + we’ll get points too!

Daily Goals

  • Read Bible plan
  • Maintain zero on: texts + emails at the end of each day
    • This one is TOUGH because I’m terrible at texting. But, I can change! Email inbox has exceptions because I close down shop at 5pm. So that’s okay if it’s after then 🙂
  • Run 1 mile a day
    • This is so fun. I felt really challenged by Jess Connolly’s #onemileworship challenge and the way she shared her heart about it on Instagram. So I thought what the heck – I’ve got 15-30 minutes to spare a day. I started today and it only took me 11 minutes to make my way through my neighborhood! I listened to part of the Bible on audio to help me work through my yearly plan.
  • Count calories


And there you have it!

Goal setting made simple and meaningful! I hate to hear others say how much they HATE goals, when really, we’ve just had a wrong approach all along. Goals should inspire us to be better and make this life meaningful. If you need help goal setting or have questions, leave a comment below and I’d love to encourage you! OR maybe you have goals of your own…share them with me below! I’d love to cheer you on!




February Goals

February 2, 2018






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