Wedding season is upon us friends! The holiday’s have past us and so many couples took that next exciting step and are engaged!

Being engaged is such a rush of emotions: excitement, anxiety, urgency, and confusion. You know you have to start planning, but most of us don’t know where to start. I got engaged after only working in the wedding industry for one year, so I had a little insight, but now after four solid years in the industry and working with dozens of brides, I’ve finally gained ground on what NOT to do when hiring a wedding photographer!

1. Do Not Hire Based on Social Media Feeds

I know it’s easy to see pretty pictures and be impressed – but, dear bride, these Instagram feeds are curated solely of our favorite images. It does not showcase a photographer’s full potential to capture your big day. When contacting your potential photographer, don’t just ask for prices! Be sure to browse their blog (if available) for full wedding posts, ask for full galleries, and ensure that you click with your photographer beyond a beautiful, styled image.

2. Don’t Get Caught Up in Pricing

Listen. I’ve been a bride. On a budget.  I know when you begin inquiring with your dream vendors, some of their prices can bring you to tears. You feel defeated and like everyone is out to drain your pockets – sure, there are some vendors out there who may be a little unrealistic, but I can tell you that most of these wedding vendors are simply small business owners trying to make the means to support a family and a dream. There’s a lot of behind the scenes taxes, out of pocket costs, etc. that go into the wedding industry. But that’s another topic for another day! Bottom line – don’t be discouraged. If you are contacting your absolute dream photographer that you cannot imagine your day without, communicate with them. Explain in full your situation and get to know them a little better, in return, letting them know you better. If photography is truly a priority with you, you might look at what you can cut before you cut them out. Take into consideration what you can do to cut a little somewhere else, so that you can invest in what truly matters to you!

3. Don’t Get Caught Up in Trends

And repeat that line to yourself about 37 times. I’m serious. YOUR wedding day is not a photographer’s chance to experiment with “their art”. This is your wedding day. Your one day. That’s important. Don’t look for someone who is simply trendy – look for someone who is more interested in capturing YOU and providing you with images that you will truly look back on in 50 years and be proud to show grandchildren. I never want my brides to have the kind of images that their grandchildren will say, “Why are you not smiling? Why aren’t you looking at each other?” I want them to smile because your smiles are so big, your emotions are real, and they almost feel like they were there all those years ago. TRENDS WILL FADE – your wedding day shouldn’t. Your wedding day should be a reminder of how young love started a foundation that your old love grew on. The promises you made, the way you looked at each other. THAT is what matters on your wedding day.

These are simply a few things, but important things, that you should take into consideration when looking for your photographer! 2018 is going to be an amazing year and I’m still accepting a few more weddings. Be sure to browse the wedding experience to see if I’m the photographer for you!

What NOT to Do When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

January 20, 2018






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