I don’t think we’re ever given a perfect year. There’s no way to put a pin in what the absolute best day of your life is, and honestly there’s no way for me to share every Best of 2017 moment with you. It’s not me being a pessimist, but just believing that our best days are always in front of us. Our best moments occur when we take brave, unsure steps. Our best moments happen when we trust beyond our capabilities. This is why I believe all of the best, is always ahead in what will come up. The best doesn’t lie still in the past, it moves forward with power, carrying on something greater than itself.

So, in sharing my Best of 2017, I choose only to share the things that will carry on with me through 2018 and hopefully, the years to come. 2017 was yes, another year, but for my goal-loving, New Year cliché friends like myself, I have to tell you it was a GREAT year full of unexpected wins, loses, and most importantly, growth.


Micah and I celebrated our SECOND year of marriage this year! Yes, we’re basically marriage professionals. A lot of good happened for Micah and I this year. We hit a big financial goal, we spent another year debt free, we traveled together, we fought a lot (keeping it real y’all), but we had so much fun. If there’s anything I love about this life I’ve been given, it’s that Micah Felts is by my side. Here’s a few of our 2017/2-Year highlights!


2017 was a WONDERFUL year for my business! The best I’ve had yet! I photographed 14 seriously amazing weddings, as well as lots of wonderful seniors & families! One of my favorite highlights of 2017 was hiring Hayley Bigham to design my brand! After a solid four years in the wedding industry, I decided it was time to take the leap and invest in MYSELF, as well as my clients. I am absolutely (still) in-love with everything Hayley created, as well as my all new site that launched last month!

One of the coolest things that happened for my business was being named one of the Top 3 Wedding Photographers in the South by Southern Weddings magazine! Tears were flowing when I received the news and I couldn’t believe God had brought me to this place. I couldn’t have done this without my brides y’all. Ugh I love them so.

Another beyond exciting thing that happened, was I flew over to North Carolina (a serious fav) and photographed the entire Creative at Heart conference! It was a HUGE blessing to experience it all, meet the amazing gals that I did, and LEARN so much along the way!!! If you’re looking for a conference to add to your list or unsure if it’s worth it…TAKE MY WORD! You will NOT regret it, nor be disappointed friends!!!

2017 was also the year of the new Senior Spokesmodel launch! I took on 8 seniors to be my reps for the duration of their senior year and we’re still going strong through May! We had a super fun launch party together at Merriment and have some fun graduation sessions coming up THIS YEAR! Hooray!

Anyone who comes in contact with my business or hires me, knows that getting to know one another and develop more than a client-based relationship is important to me and one of my favorite things! I was really able to dive into this with my Holly Felts brides in 2017. I developed a more in-depth connection process with them, designed all new welcome gifts, and created a private FB page for us to stay in contact forever!

2017 was so great in so many ways for business, here’s a few favorite highlights from the conference, families, seniors, and weddings:


Would a year review ever be fully complete without sharing some really cute dog-moments this year? So without any other rambling, let’s get to these cute little furry loves to wrap this thing up.

Welcome 2018!

Marriage, Business, and Puppies | The Best of 2017

January 4, 2018






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