Engagement sessions are one of my favorite parts of the wedding process. All of my #hollyfeltsbride gals get a complimentary engagement session with their choice of package because THAT’s how much I love them and believe they’re important! 

It’s always a little intimidating getting your photo taken..even if it’s a simple iPhone shot! You work yourself into this little zone that:

  1. Nobody is more awkward than you two.
  2. You have nothing to wear, so you’ll settle for less than makes you excited.
  3. It’s going to be SO STRESSFUL and you’ll probably just want to get these over with

Can I let you in on a little secret? EVERY. SINGLE. POINT. is a lie! And now you’re saying, “sure but you don’t know US Holly. My fiancé HATES the camera, Pinterest is giving me no ideas and I’m about to sink into a puddle of tears.” 

Seriously, let me walk you through this…step by step (please sing NKOTB with me here) as we bust some of your myths and I’ll let you in on how to have the best engagement session!

MYTH #1: We’re SO Awkward 

Allow me to introduce you to couples who started their session out with me explaining how they barely know how to smile or be cute together:

I’m serious. All of these couples couldn’t stop telling me how awkward they are! But, here’s the first tip: BE. YOURSELVES. You are not a Pinterest model, you are not Kim Kardashian, you are NOT ____. You are you. Your love is YOURS! Relax. Don’t take this so seriously. These photos aren’t just Facebook photos and Save the Date stamps…these are fun photos that you get to look back on and feel your pre-marriage stage. The excitement, the laughs, the lightness of it all. It’s a time to laugh, kiss too much, and LAUGH some more! You will never worry about feeling like an awkward robot when you’re in front of my lens. So just tuck that little excuse away…forever. 

MYTH #2: We Don’t Have Good Style, So We Won’t Look That Great

Even if your wardrobe is SLIM PICKINS…I promise it’s not because your style isn’t good, it’s because you’re not sure what’s going to look best in photos or how to pair each other! Don’t worry!

  • Don’t try to MATCH! Try to pick outfits that coordinate instead. If everyone wore the exact same color to their e-sesh…how boring would that be?!
  • BE BOLD! Accessorize and personalize your outfits! Scarves, necklaces, and fun shoes are ALWAYS in fashion and ALWAYS welcome!
  • BE COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT IN WHAT YOU WEAR! If you’re not a fan of your arms, maybe don’t pick a dress that REALLY accents your arms! Don’t opt for cuteness only, because when you’re not only cute, but CONFIDENT, your photos will turn out even BETTER than you could imagine!
  • Dress it up, dress it down! I like to tell couples to come in their casual outfit, but bring a fancier one to end in! This give us comfort to start with, and BAM to finish with..leaving you with no choice but to make a date out of this after we’re done! You’ve got your heels on, head downtown!!! 

MYTH #3: Engagement Sessions are STRESSFUL

Sure, it COULD be stressful…but CHOOSE your attitude for the day! I’m going to be making killer jokes (just wait.), you’ll be feeling giddy and FOR SURE silly! The only thing that could cause stress is if you continue to tell yourself and make it too complicated. This is a simple, joyful time and I provide nothing less than images to match this! YOU’RE IN GOOD HANDS! Sit back, laugh, and let me do all the hard, “stressful” work. I mean, do any of these people look stressed?


There you have it! It’s as simple as that! Now, go rock your engagement session!!! I’ll be waiting. 😉 





How to Have the BEST Engagement Session: My Simple Advice to Brides

February 20, 2017






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