Dearest bridesmaids,

You’re important! A bride has chosen you to stand by her side on a VERY important day. Sure there’s the typical responsibilities, 

  • Pay for own wedding attire and accessories  
  • Attend pre-wedding events, especially the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Assist the bride throughout her wedding day.  Yes, this might require an accompanied trip to the restroom.  Such is life as a bridesmaid.
  • Be attentive to other guests at the wedding and reception. Assist the elderly when they need it, lend a hand with young children, be gracious, get on the dance floor, alert guests to reception events like the cake cutting and first dance, and generally lend a hand when you can.

But, you’re so much more than TYPICAL! The bride doesn’t necessarily have these items in mind when she thinks of you on her wedding day…what she does have in mind is how you’re going to make her laugh, you’ll ALWAYS have a mimosa ready with her name on it, you’ll shimmy and shake all morning in your fabulous robes. You’ll make her laugh when the photographer asks for those cheesy laughing shots (you KNOW those are fun, stop it). You’ll be talking giddy, love talk ALL MORNING amping her up to walk down the isle!

Bridesmaids, your bride adores you. She doesn’t expect the world from you, because she’s marrying her world that day. Sure, she needs a helping hand…but, she wants to hold your hand through this more than make it work! 

So bridesmaid, my dear, you’re important and you have a big impact on this day!

Come ready to party, to laugh, to pop champagne, and most of all…make a REALLY BIG DEAL out of your bride. This is her one day and I promise she will do the same for you on your day.



A Letter to Bridesmaids

January 6, 2017






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