Oh. My. Goodness. 2016 is OVER! What a year it was! Writing this post and putting together these wedding images from the past year feels like a dream, but I don’t even want to wake up! I think back to being 14 years old, sitting in my bedroom with my little canon, dreaming of owning and running a photography business..and here I am. I can’t say it’s been the most glamours road, but what road is?!

Yet, almost four years after shooting my first wedding, as I went through these photos, I was reminded that this IS reality, not a dream! These are my clients (who I love so much). This is the highlight reel I wasn’t sure would ever be real for myself. It didn’t happen overnight, the fairy-godmother didn’t visit my room one night and turn my sloppy pumpkin of a business into a flourishing, shining ride to the ball. No no! It was a road of sleepless nights, hard discouraging times, moments I never thought I was enough or could be…but, when I sat myself aside and realized this isn’t about me at all…growth happened. The brides I was meant to work with started filling my inbox with encouraging words, big dreams and hopes to have me along for their marriage ride.  

I feel fortunate that I got to photograph so many weddings not only in Oklahoma, but Texas and Florida as well. From The White Sparrow and Ashton Gardens in Texas, to the historic St. Francis Barracks in St. Augustine, Dresser Mansion, NOAH’s Event Venue, Glass Chapel, and so many more here in Tulsa…it was AMAZING! 

I feel equally blessed that I get to work with some of the most AMAZING wedding teams in the industry! Thank you to the incredible planners, florists, stationers, cake artists, calligraphers, bands, DJs, rental companies, and everyone else who makes wedding days what they are: a wedding photographer’s DREAM TO CAPTURE!

And last, but not least, a big big hug and huge thank you to each and every one of my Holly Felts Brides! I will never be able to fully express how grateful I am from our first meet over coffee, making you kiss too much at your engagement sessions (if that’s a thing), swooning and squealing at your bridals, and dancing the night away at your wedding…each of you hold a big, special spot in my heart. Your trusting in me to capture an important day in your life means more than you’ll know, but letting me in your life and learn your story means even more! May we never become strangers and always know, I’m here for YOU! You make my dream reality and that’s pretty much the best thing ever.

2016 was beyond amazing. I’ll stop my raving now before I go on too long and leave you with my 2016 highlight reel. I can’t believe I was apart of all this amazinngggggness! Love to every single person in every single image!!!!

Best of Weddings 2016

January 3, 2017






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