Some people come unexpectedly into your life at just the right time, for reasons you never knew were existent. This was Ashley & I’s friendship.

What started as us not liking each other (for hilarious reasons with HILARIOUS stories that we will laugh about forever) turned into one of the greatest friendships I’ve gained in my life. 

From spending EVERY Saturday night for a sleepover at her house (no we weren’t 10, this was definitely about two years ago) going on drives just to talk, and of course, weekly dinners with her family, Micah & I…she was more than a friend, she was a sister. 

I can remember countless times her dad, Terry, would pull me aside with tears in his eyes and genuinely thank me for being there for Ash and what I was for her. I never had a good answer for that, because being her friend came so naturally it seemed weird to think of a time where we weren’t there for each other. 

As all friendships, you go through good times and bad. I remember all of the BAD relationships Ashley went though (insert loud laughs here, but seriously) but all of those things lead her here, to Jason. 

In October, Ashley’s dad Terry passed away unexpectedly while on a mission trip in Guatemala. Getting this news and realizing what we were about to walk through…nobody can ever prepare you for this. Each day is a battle, for us all. It’s hard, it sucks, but through the midst, it’s important that we have each other. That is something that showed daily through Terry’s life.

As the day approached that Jason would FINALLY get down on one knee and pop the question to Ash, came on her birthday. This being such a big day in her family, this day started hard, but ended a little softer being surrounded by people she loved and more importantly, who loved her fiercely.  

Ashley thought we were just doing photos for their new house, but really this was planned all along. Jason had purchased the ring and we made plans for the top secret proposal to go down. 

Watching this play out, I don’t know if I’ve ever been SO shaky behind the camera before!!! Tears strolling, I watched a sister enter a new era of her life. 

Seasons come, seasons go. All we’ve got in this life, is the moment we’re in right now. I’m so grateful that part of my calling in this life is to capture these crazy important moments that FLASH BY in the blink of an eye. 

Ashley and Jason, I hope you always cherish these moments as a time that was more than getting a ring on Ashley’s finger. But, a time that you promised to go the distance, be there forever through the good and walking through the current bad, a promise to protect, love and honor those before you and to come after.

This day isn’t just another proposal, this day turned something that was hard into something that had a positive effect. 

Even though Terry isn’t physically here on this earth to walk through this journey, we all have strong faith in the legacy he left and that he is looking down (tearing up, LIKE ALWAYS) and beyond proud of his family and the strength they have to endure. 

I love you both (and the entire Scott family) more than words!!!!!

Here we come September!!!!!!

Ashley & Jason | Proposal – Tulsa, Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

December 14, 2016






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