I’m not going to lie to you…I’m friends with some pretty amazing people. I’m not bragging, just speaking TRUTH y’all 🙂

Baylee has been one of my best friends since middle school. We’ve been through so much together from high school, family troubles, both of our weddings and more…I love her more than words can express!

Michael entered Baylee’s life not long ago, and since then, everything has been complete…almost.

You see, Baylee has this gigantic heart for Haiti and Michael happened to too. The both of them have led numerous mission teams into Haiti to love on the people, work on projects and show them the true hands and feet of Jesus. 

To know Baylee & Michael, is to love Baylee & Michael. 

So seeing as they’re some of Micah and I’s best friends, IT ONLY MAKES SENSE that they’re….moving to Haiti at the beginning of the year. 😉

They’re dropping everything, moving from everyone, to go live in a place that they feel has a greater purpose for them. I could be sad, I could complain, I could discourage them, I could talk about the fear that can come of this OR I can be the friend I’m suppose to be and I can support them, love them and most importantly, pray for them.

When they asked me to capture a few photos so they could announce where they were moving I was so excited and I’m so happy to FINALLY share them! 

With all of the current happenings in Haiti  I couldn’t help, but think of Baylee & Michael & how much more they will be needed when the time comes for them to go. It’s a scary, powerful world out there, but I believe when people like Baylee & Michael say YES to love, encouragement, a helping hand, etc. we can TRULY shine a light in a dark place.

Please add Baylee & Michael to your prayer list as they finish up their time here in the US and prepare to be pure vessels in January! 

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Baylee & Michael | Wilson’s Call – Tulsa, Oklahoma Photographer

October 10, 2016






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