October 6, 2016

Justine & Cameron | Married – Tulsa, Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

Photographing weddings is the best. Don’t get me wrong, BUT when you get to photograph the wedding of people who are close in your life it just makes it THAT MUCH more special!

I’ve known Justine for almost 8 years now (so she’s seen my photography go through it ALL!) But, her asking me to capture this special day really made my heart happy!

Justine’s younger sister just happens to be one of my BEST friends (and my first model for photos ever. Just ask to see our old photos from middle school – we will make your day, promise.) so I knew that being apart of this day would go down as one of my favorites.

One of the greatest things I get to see from my point of view at a wedding, is the love that everyone has for two people in one big room. I’m constantly seeing people snap phone shots, wait in line for hugs, offer up any services like grabbing a water or holding something for the couple…this is the best. I’m always in awe of the impact just two people in love can have!

On Justine & Cameron’s big day, this love was evident from start to finish — even after, seeing all of the love they received online!

This day was bursting of love, happiness and that AT LAST feeling!!! And also the most epic bouquet/garter toss photos ever…seriously, they had a great group of friends there!

P.S. Ashley, here’s to looking at your wedding soon 😉 

DRESS | David’s Bridal

CEREMONY | Word of Life Church

RECEPTION | Cyntergy


ENTERTAINMENT | Gabe Chronister Entertainment

CAKE | Kim’s Sweet Creations

DONUTS | Livi Lee’s Bakery



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