Dear friend,

Please don’t lose heart.

This world, oh boy this world…it’s going somewhere, but I can’t really tell you where. You and I, we’re one in the same. We like to tell everyone to smile even when it hurts, to realize the sun will rise tomorrow, your purpose exceeds your problem, etc. etc.

But, today you question your positivity, your light, who you are. You question how you can believe there is good still remaining in this world when all you see is chaos on every corner.

You choose to believe that this is just how it goes and you can’t change anyone or anything..”I mean have you SEEN the news lately?”

But, can I bring something to your attention?

If you’re not smiling, who is?

If you’re not encouraging, who will be?

If you’re not praying, who’s speaking?

Do NOT let the enemy, or any enemy for that matter, blow out your candle.

It’s been lit for a reason.

No, we cannot stop corruption.

We cannot stop hate.

We cannot stop violence.

We cannot turn the lights out on our people.


We CAN pray

We CAN encourage

We CAN love all of those we encounter

You and I….we CAN do those things.

I was listening to the Empires Album today by Hillsong and these lyrics to Here Now stuck out to me:

All I know is I know that You are

Here now

Still my heart

Let Your voice be all I hear now

Spirit breathe

Like the wind come have Your way

Cause I know You’re in this place


Can we choose today, to quit sharing the hateful articles, allowing our anxiety levels to increase, and forcing ourselves to turn away from the promise of God?

Rest in that peace.

That even if ALL YOU KNOW is that God is with you – that is enough.

God has been and will always be enough.

Trust His name.

Trust His peace.

Trust His will.

Trust His love.

Trust His healing.

Trust His promises.

Trust His comfort.

Please don’t turn away from the light, please don’t fall into the crowd and become numb. 

Turn your eyes, hearts and minds to The Greater One.

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the LORD, who has compassion on you. – Isaiah 54:10

So in the midst of chaos, smile friend. Be a light and a constant reminder to people that there IS a greater one and He holds our tomorrows.



A Letter to the Optimist in Distress

July 8, 2016






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