I’m SO excited to finally share Julia & Mark’s beautiful bump session!

Julia is a fellow photographer and I was so honored that she wanted me to take photos of such a special, dear time in her and Mark’s life.

From the moment we all got out of the car, warm hugs and excited smiles were shared. 

Can I share something EVEN BETTER with you all about this session, aside from how amazing these two are?

It had been storming, I mean storming all day. Scratch that, ALL WEEKEND!!!

Julia & Mark live in Arkansas and we had planned THIS day for a specific reason and purpose – it was our only shot, it HAD to work!!! 

So as they were driving up (about 4 hours) and I was anxiously watching the rain pour…we all teamed up on some serious rain prayers.

Everyone around me, even myself admittedly, were freaking out, saying I had to cancel…it just wasn’t going to happen. This rain was intense and hadn’t stopped for more than two days!


But God came through y’all!!! 

As I pulled into the parking lot of our meeting spot THE SUN CAME OUT and the rain stayed away for our ENTIRE SESSION!!!

SO, needless to say…I’ve been put on prayer duty for all of my outdoor brides coming up…I take the role lightly, because I don’t want ALL of that pressure on me 😉

But, I believe the best for beautiful moments and either way, something ALWAYS works out!

Ahhhh! Now to share some of this insane beauty.

These two are going to be AMAZING parents and I can’t wait to meet little baby girl Copeland! 

Aside from being a talented photographer, soon-to-be amazing mommy and other things…Julia is a model on the side…OBVIOUSLY ;D

I’m known for not being able to shut up about how amazing you look and are as I’m photographing you…I feel like I was probably overloading how perfect these two are as we were shooting…but can you blame me?

Oh my goodness…I’m just in love with how in love they are!

One positive of the beloved rain was the FLOWERS! Ahhh so beautiful!

It’s no secret around here that I have a flower obsession. I’m just in awe of the beauty that is in our every day lives!

I couldn’t help, but see how this beautiful, unique rose represents sweet Copeland who will be even more beautiful and unique than it!

Julia. You are SO stunning!!!!!

Julia & Mark, thank you SO much for allowing me the honor of documenting this special time, allowing me to pray over baby Copeland, and just hanging out with me!

I cannot WAIT for Copeland to meet the world and watch you two bloom into amazing parents!

Best wishes!



Julia & Mark | Expecting – Tulsa, Oklahoma Family Photographer

May 16, 2016






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