It isn’t a secret that Snapchat is making its big debut in the creative world!

I remember when Snapchat first hit the app store. My friends and I were in highschool and simply used it as a way to send the world’s ugliest faces to each other and share a selfie with everyone now and then. Nothing TOO exciting (although I still like to send a good ole’ 2 second scare face now and then to my friends ;)) 

BUT NOW, it has finally caught on to the creative industry and I am THRILLED! 

You may be wondering, “why would anyone care about my business being on Snapchat?” or “Why would I bother adding ANOTHER social media platform to my lineup?!”

Well, here’s are 5 reasons I believe your business could benefit hopping on the Snapchat train!

1. Your potential clients, actual clients and friends get to know you a little better!

This could be by you sharing behind the scenes tips, quick how-to’s, or simply your good ole’ jam session in the car. Your potential clients can get a feel for your business, your personality and more importantly YOU! 

2. It’s a more laid-back, stress free way of sharing your day-to-day work!

We all know how Instagram can get to us.

Our feeds aren’t quite as comparable to ____’s feed. Your hashtag game is weak. You didn’t get as many likes as your last post, etc.

Snapchat is a nice break from consistency driven, styling and standards…to real day-to-day life, a 10 second or less dance party, and oversharing is ALLOWED!

3. It requires little to no effort on your end.

I speak truth! 

If I’m sharing behind the scenes on a wedding day, this could just mean I have snapped a photo of the wedding details while I’m ALREADY photographing them in front of me on my main camera! If I’m sitting behind the computer editing a session, I can simply snap a photo/video of my screen because I’m ALREADY sitting at my computer doing this. 

Unlike Instagram, where I plan out posts, style posts, etc. Snapchat allows me to take photos and videos as they are LITERALLY happening, which in all reality isn’t much effort on my end. And I don’t have to pull it into ANOTHER app to edit or fix, once I snap, it’s done!

This doesn’t mean you have to have your phone in hand at all times, distracting you from your work. It just means if something silly is happening on a session and it’s making us all laugh, chances are I can give my audience a giggle too and the couple will love to look at my story after our time together, and see that I loved them so much and wanted others in on the love as well!

4. You don’t have to take yourself so seriously.

It’s easy to often get into, “business mode” and think, act and BE a professional! BUT, we are human too! We like to laugh, cut up, goof off, etc. So let this side of your business show! Snapchat is full of CRAZY face filters, voice changes, etc. It’s OKAY to share a little silliness and let your audience in on the REAL you! 

When people feel like they know you better, they support you better and follow you avidly! Don’t miss out on a chance to not only make others smile, but YOU smile! Don’t be so hard on yourself all the time!

5. IT’S FREE!!! And free is always in the budget.

Creative Business owners are always looking to get the word out about who they are, what they do and WHY they’re worth it. Well, Snapchat can be FREE advertising of all of those things to your exact audience! Unlike Facebook & Instagram, where only people who seek you out or come across your post see it, your audience is intentional on Snapchat because people specifically add YOU! You’re not requiring your audience to like, comment, etc. All they have to do is view and be done! It’s simple on us and simple on them.


I hope this has encouraged you that it isn’t so intimidating to hop on this fun train! It’s always nice to have a little break from the norm (facebook, instagram, pinterest) so I really hope you experiment a little!


Find me on Snapchat today by searching for hollyfelts and then just click add!


Here are a few of my current fav’s on Snapchat:

– Amy & Jordan Demos / Wedding Photographers based out of Scottsdale, AZ

(username: amynjordan)

– Brittany Viklund / Watercolor & Illustrative artist based out of Oklahoma City, OK

(username: brittanyviklund)

– Rising Tide Society / creators of #communityovercompetition, Tuesday’s Together and more!

(username: risingtidesoc)

– Abby Tohline / Creative Photographer based out of Portland, OR

(username: abbytohline)



5 Reasons Creative Businesses Should Be on Snapchat

May 3, 2016






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