And just like that, it’s 2016!!!

I can’t believe last year is already over! So many great things happened, along with a fair share of trials and upsets, but I refuse to state that’s all that the year held.

As I look back on these weddings of 2015, I can’t help but smile from ear to ear and feel the utmost gratitude to all of my 2015 brides!!! You all….are AWESOME! I’m so happy that I had the privilege of not only knowing you all, but being able to document such a big, glorious occasion 😉

2015 was a big photography year. At the end of 2014 I  announced I was starting a “new” adventure as Every Little Beat being a primarily wedding focused/based photographer, along with lifestyle where I could still be doing my awesome seniors and families. 

I was nervous, I doubted myself at times, but I set goals and I never looked back. Actually, I exceeded the goals I set, traveled to Seattle for a workshop, took online courses, met new and encouraging friends, and I believed that I would make this thing work and that not all beauty happens over night. 

To all of you photographers/creative dreamers out there who doubt your dream will come to pass, I can assure you if you give it enough heart and passion, IT WILL. 

So thank you again to EVERYONE who was apart of 2015. You made it one I will never forget!!!

And to all of my upcoming 2016 brides, get ready. I plan to make this year the best one yet!!! After all, it’s all I’ve got for now ;D


Please enjoy a little recap of some of my favorite wedding moments of 2015!

Xoxo, Holly. 

My Favorite Wedding Moments of 2015

January 1, 2016






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