I see post after post of people complaining about what they see on instagram, how it’s bringing them down, making them think less of themselves, etc. 

Now, I can side with the majority and agree that if used too often and not in the right way, social media can ruin us. It can take over a huge part of our lives, thus leaving us drained 24/7.

But, here’s the thing — social media isn’t the killer here. We ourselves are! We have the ability to choose who we follow, what content is put in front of us daily! So…if you find yourself feeling drained, annoyed, and miserable online, let’s fix that!

I’ve gotten to the place where I can hop on my instagram in the morning and be inspired post by post, scroll by scroll, and enjoy e v e r y photo I come across! 

I use to follow 1,000+ people, follow anyone who followed me, and search DAILY for people who had the “follow for follow” in their profile in hopes to build my audience. I had people I knew from way back when, people I barely knew and a wide range of strangers who I didn’t even know. I was drained, I was bored, I was uninspired.

Until the day I decided I would no longer be a slave to instagram, it would serve ME.

I went to my following list, began scrolling and clicking the UNFOLLOW button. Was this because I didn’t like those people, they weren’t following me back, etc.? Nope. This was for me to form a list of people who either genuinely inspire me, are my friends/close family, or those who I would like to learn from. 

This didn’t happen over night, but friends, it will NEVER happen if you don’t take the time to do so!

My “keeps” list was formed off this following formula that we will call THE PRIME 5 FOLLOW RULE:

1. Are they a friend I see if not daily, weekly?

2. Are they inspirational, uplifting & encouraging to my field?

3. Are they beneficial to my business?

4. Are they beneficial to my faith?

5. Are they prompting me to get creative or causing me to stumble?

Some of you may read this and think I’m being all about me here, but um…it’s my instagram. It’s my feed. It’s my source I’m choosing to fill my brain with daily, so I yes I have to be a little about me here! 

Although we don’t have to be consumed in social media, it’s such an important part to my business – one that I need to master and not have it master me. 

Ever since I’ve followed The Prime 5 Follow Rule, sure I lost a few followers, but I’m THANKFUL when I lose the people who don’t truly care about my content, my business, etc. I want to build a form where I have followers who feel they get the same Prime 5 from me, as I could them. I want my community to be built off of genuine people, not rando’s online looking to be the next Kim Kardashian Follow Train. 

So, I encourage you today to take a bit of time to realize what you’re choosing to FEED your mind with daily! 

Social media doesn’t have to drain you people!!! If we will be the positive change in our personal circumstances, how much greater of a ripple effect could we all cause?!

The Prime 5 Follow Rule | For Photographers + Creatives

November 16, 2015






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