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Yesterday I got to celebrate an AMAZING day with two amazing individuals. Olivia & Jacob have been absolute gems to work with. They're sweet, funny and crazy about each other -- and that's about all I could ever ask for in a couple. I've spent engagements, Olivia's bridal session (which is TO DIE FOR, as you're going to see!) and at last, their wedding.

It's always bittersweet coming to this part...because that means my time for now, has come to a close with Olivia & Jacob. 

As I cry at every wedding (it's only routine...) I caught myself observing last night at The Meyer's wedding how excited everyone was for the two love birds. THIS is why I do what I do - because love is a real thing and it's REALLY contagious.

Olivia & Jacob are the couple that makes each other truly better and....okay, I gotta save this part for the wedding post, because I could write forever!!!

Olivia, THANK YOU for trusting me enough to capture your INSANE BEAUTY and sweet, but sassy personality. It's every bit of what makes you, YOU and I absolutely love that!

Here's to Mrs. Olivia Meyer -- she's a stunner, y'all.



Holly Felts

Holly Felts is a wedding & lifestyle photographer serving the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and beyond.