October Goals

I find it really amusing that one of my goals was to share my goals on my blog...but, here I am starting in October, but HEY!!! It's never too late and I know you don't go to the gym every day like you said you would in January, but I'm not here to point fingers ;)

Some laugh at goals, but personally, they keep me going and it's a constant reminder to me that I WANT to make things happen. 

So here we go, October Goals! They're a little mix of business AND personal, because that's just how I do.

  • Fill out October PowerSheets
  • Run 3 days a week 
  • Read 1 book
  • Drop fried foods the second week of October (don't judge me, the fair is coming to town y'all and this girl needs 3 corn dogs, 2 fried cheese on a stick, and spiral spuds. I can't drop it.)
  • Blog 4 days a week
  • Write the Word Journal everyday 
  • Order #hollyfeltsbride MAGAZINES (!!!)
  • Put new wedding workflow to ACTION
  • Plan a special date night once a week with babe
  • Don't cry during busy season (3 weddings + 14 sessions)
  • Attend Making Things Happen and have my face rocked off (I CAN'T BELIEVE I GET TO GO!!!)

So there you have it. I've let you in, now you have to hold me accountable. So add, "Keep Holly accountable" to YOUR goal list. Don't let me down y'all ;) 



Holly Felts

Holly Felts is a wedding & lifestyle photographer serving the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and beyond.