Lindsay & Luke | Engaged - Tulsa, Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

"So I got pulled over by a cop and I was freaking out because I didn't know what I did wrong, then I realized I forgot my license and thought GREAT now I really am going to get into trouble! Then a few minutes later Luke showed up and I thought he was just bringing my wallet to me...and yeah then he proposed."

This is seriously one of my favorite proposal stories yet! Luke is a firefighter & set the ENTIRE thing up! That's the super short version of course, but it's really all you need to know for a laugh! ;) 

I've known Lindsay & Luke since high-school. They were THAT couple. Yes, the super cute ones who everyone knew would stay together & wind up married after school; here they are making their big (expected) debut ;D 

There's something SO exciting about photographing two people who have been waiting for this big life transition! You can just see it in their eyes; prepared, determined & really in-love. Yes, all the mushy-gushy-goodness. 

I was so excited when Lindsay & Luke decided to have me join in on their excitement and plan for me to photograph the big day next May! I just know it's going to be a day filled with pure JOY! 

I was super happy that we got these engagements in time for some of Oklahoma's beautiful fall colors! Also, pretty sure Lindsay's custom ring with her grandmother's stone EASILY wins my top 5 favorite wedding rings EVER! (good job, Luke!)



Holly Felts

Holly Felts is a wedding & lifestyle photographer serving the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and beyond.