Hannah Isabella Rose | Local Tulsa Musician


Today is a BIG DAY for my friend Hannah. After all this time, she just released her first FULL EP!!! Hannah and I go back. Way back. Like 8th grade volleyball practice, back. We've been best friends for going on almost 9 years, which seems so crazy. 

She was my first "client" for real senior photos. And basically any other reason to just get out and take photos.

Hannah has ALWAYS supported me & my dreams, but this time it's about HER. It's about the goal that she brought to life, the dream that she made happen & all of it becoming a reality today.

Today, her EP is on iTunes for the world to hear and YOU need to hurry on over and click purchase on this gem. It makes my heart so happy to see the tons of screenshots I've seen on social media today, all before 10am!

So, PLEASE head over to iTunes now and purchase this EP! It's a true reflection of Hannah's heart & to see it come to life is so amazing. God is taking this girl places I can't even imagine!!!!

"It’s only your power, it’s only your grace that can help me to be strong as I paddle through the waves"

- Upstream; Hannah Isabella



Holly Felts

Holly Felts is a wedding & lifestyle photographer serving the Tulsa, Oklahoma area and beyond.